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We look to your needs.

Polestar is a small but highly effective team of professionals. Major projects start with a brainstorming session, where we generate ideas and concepts and plan the overall structure of the work. When the framework is in place, we generate a detailed list of tasks, which we then divide and assign personnel to carry out. We work individually, but pass work back and forth frequently for rigorous internal review. By the time the client sees the “first draft” of a document or plan, it has already been checked several times at the outline and draft stages.


We regularly add to our professional development by taking courses and workshops in the communications field. Recent courses have included Writing for New Media, Graphic Design for Writers, Revitalize Your Corporate Writing and Magazine Writing That Sells. We have also received training in various word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheet and database programs.


We work with colleagues in graphic design, display, advertising and the media to provide a complete communications package. We can attend meetings on short notice, and are familiar with communications standards established by the Governments of B.C. and Canada.

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