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Canada’s Oceans Now: Pacific Ecosystems, 2021

Client: Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Type of product: Annual report

Target audience: Legislators, educators, media and general public

Dates: September 2021 to December 2021

Details: Fisheries and Oceans Canada produces annual reports on the state of Canada’s oceans, based on the technical research reports that it produces. The focus in 2021 was the Pacific ecosystem. The project managers supplied the science reports and an outline of the content they wished to feature. Polestar reviewed the reports and drafted text in plain language for general readers, ensuring that the simplified language did not misrepresent the science. Polestar researched many related topics to explain them for general readers, and revised the text based on feedback from the science reviewers. Polestar worked with the graphic designers to develop appropriate text for numerous graphics in the report and for additional infographics for use in presentations and classrooms.

Sample text: To download a PDF of the report, go to Canada’s Oceans Now: Pacific Ecosystems, 2021, and the infographics page.

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