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Trade and Invest British Columbia website

Trade and Invest British Columbia

Client: B.C. Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training

Type of product: Web content, success stories, print brochures

Target audience: International marketers and buyers

Dates: September 2012 to March 2013

Details: The B.C. ministry responsible for promoting B.C. businesses in international markets needed to update the look and messaging of its website to include specific language for three different audiences (Investors, Buyers and Exporters), as well as the interests of numerous stakeholders and contributors. The ministry contracted with a team of editors to develop text based on existing publications and formats. Polestar wrote text for approximately 100 pages. We also tested, checked and proofread the Export and Buyer sections in preparation for final release.

Following this project, the ministry invited us to write texts for numerous marketing brochures and for success stories appearing on the website.

Sample text: Please see Pages written by Polestar include: Invest/Easy Global Access, Clean Technology, Internet Communications Technology and Wireless, Why B.C./Quality of Life, Invest/Agrifoods, Buy/Forestry.

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